Katayoon London’s founder and designer Mahtab Jamali, first designed this Signature Military Jacket in 2010, to grace the wardrobes of the most elite clientele and has now opened its doors and broadened its audience to be crafted for the Katayoon London collection. This elegantly tailored military style jacket not only gives you immunity from British winter weather with its long sleeves and midi length style but allows you to embrace an androgynous silhouette that portrays strength and beauty combined. Fasten your illustrious gold buttons for a classically structured and metropolitan look or unfasten for that unequivocal 90’s grunge, layered style.


This jacket was inspired by the notion that
“Empowerment sees no gender so why should fashion?”
Men, women and children all possess the potential for
greatness which is why the design of this piece has been
tailored to adapt to every individual, without compromising
individuality. The idea that fashion is not only a practicality
but an extension of your soul, is why we take the uppermost
pride in every piece we assemble. Each jacket is made with
such decadence and attention to detail, one feels like they are
embodying confidence. This bespoke piece composed with
dynamic structures like its large flap collar, angled
side pockets, deep monk-esque hood and striking silky
rouge lining give it a gothic yet sanctimonious edge
and allow it to evolve into a timeless yet futuristic
statement piece not only be worn,
but experienced by anyone desiring luxury and prestige.
Adaptable unisex fashion is revolutionising the world
and designer, Mahtab Jamali is embracing this
in all its glory with this statement heritage piece.